445nm - 50W blue diode laser MK series for Material Processing

Wavelength: 445nm Output Power: 50W 200µm /0.22NA

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The power of the MK series blue diode laser is 50W, with high reliability and low cost, has passed 2000 hours long-term aging test, this series is suitable for cost-sensitive applications such as soldering. Blue diode laser has the advantage of high photon energy in the field of metal processing, and has the characteristics of high absorption rate and no spatter in the processing of copper and other metal materials. Secondly, it has irreplaceable advantages in the field of 3C electronics and lithium battery welding. BWT is the company with the most complete blue laser product line in China, with a wavelength range of 405-1470nm. We have solutions for different wavelengths. For soldering and plastic welding, there are: 976/915/808nm blue diode laser products, as well as system-level products

Main Features

Wavelength: 445nm Output Power: 50W 200µm /0.22NA Applications: Material Processing 3D Printing Illuminating

Instructions for use

- Please connect pins to wires by solder instead of using socket when operation current is higher than 6A. - Soldering point should be close to the middle of the pins. Soldering temperature should be lower than 260℃ and time shorter than 10 second. - Make sure the fiber output end is properly cleaned before operation of laser. Follow safety protocols to avoid injury when handling and cutting the fiber. - Use constant current power supply to avoid surge current during operation. - Laser diode must be used according to the specifications.


Specifications (25°C) Symbol Unit Minimum Typical Maximum
Optical Data ( 1 ) CW Output Power Po w 50 - -
Center Wavelength λc nm 445±10
Spectral Width(FWHM) △λ nm - 5 -
Electrical Data Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency PE % - 25% -
Operating Current Iop A - 3.5 -
Threshold Current Ith A - 0.3 -
Operating Voltage Vop V - 60 -
Fiber Data Core Diameter Dcore μm - 200 -
Cladding Diameter Dclad μm - 220 -
Numeric Aperture NA - - 0.22 -
Fiber Length Lf m - 1.0 -
Fiber Loose Tubing Diameter - mm 3mm metal jacket
Minimum Bending Radius - mm 60 - -
Fiber Termination - - SMA905
Others ESD Vesd V - - 500
Storage Temperature( 2) Tst °C -20 - 70
Lead Soldering Temp Tls °C - - 260
Lead Soldering Time t sec - - 10
Operating Case Temperature( 3 ) Top °C 15 - 35
Relative Humidity RH % 15 - 75
(1) Data measured under operation output at 50W@25°C. (2) A non-condensing environment is required for operation and storage. (3) Operating temperature defined by the package case. Acceptable operating range is 15°C~35°C, but performance may vary.

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